What's in a name?

"What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”


It wasn't easy deciding on a name for the business idea that had been swirling around in my mind for the longest time. I wanted something unique, I wanted something that referenced nature, and I wanted something that would roll off the tongue.

I didn't want to think about it too much though. Like the quote by Shakespeare suggests, a name is simply a label for something, it doesn't solely define anything.  As The Bard puts it, a rose, if called something entirely different, would still smell as sweetly as it does with the name 'rose'.

So how did I come up with The Sweet Meadow? First, I separated the two core aspects of the product offering - healthy vegan food and plants and flowers. I then started listing descriptive words for each - 'sweet' was one that stood out early for the food reference because of my love for fruit. Fruit is the most natural food for humans to consume, and we instinctively choose ripe fruit, which is not only the sweetest but also contains the most vitamins and nutrients. Eating more whole, ripe fruit satisfies our desire for sweets in the most nourishing way. 

It is also a fundamental flavour that "universally brings joy and supports us during times of sorrow", says naturopath Jana Brunclikova. 

I've always loved the word 'meadow' - it alludes to the earth, nature and lots of flowers! In every culture and throughout time, flowers have been central to the human experience. When we hope or pray, love or mourn, we do it with flowers in our hands. While I have no intention for The Sweet Meadow to become a floral studio, I do want to encourage the sweet nature (there's that word again) of flower giving. The idea is to sell flowers arranged in bunches of one type, encouraging customers to buy their favourites and create their own arrangements. Displaying the flowers like this is also connected to the way that flowers naturally grow in fields, meadows, on farms, even on the side of the road. Big masses of blooms in great quantities.

Once I'd paired these two words together I knew I had found my name. Of course, The Sweet Meadow doesn't automatically inform you that the business is a plant-based food cafe, hence the tagline. 

My hope is that the business will highlight the benefits of including more plant-based, vegan foods into your diet, and the positive outcomes that have been proven to occur after limiting the consumption of animal-based products. Few people would argue that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is not a good thing. See for yourself.

Written by Aishe Besim
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