The Sweet Meadow is a plant-based (vegan) eatery that opened in the historic regional town of Echuca, Victoria, in October 2016.


Created by Aishe BesimThe Sweet Meadow is based on the core truth that plant-based food is medicine. 

Taking ownership of what you eat is the single most powerful choice we can have as humans.

To know how to properly nourish and nurture yourself will be one of the most empowering things you will ever learn.

Eating healthy is something that needs to happen every day and it takes a lot of effort and a re-alignment of your mindset to begin with. But ultimately, it gives you back the most precious present: a life full of energy, stamina and happiness without ailments and dis-ease, so you can really achieve exactly what you want out of life.



Our vision is to build a healthier community through awareness around the food we eat, our health and living sustainably. 


Food Philosophy

Our emphasis is on growing, preparing and eating food as it’s supposed to be: whole, fresh from the earth, prepared with minimal fuss and eaten in a way that nourishes our bodies.

Whether you are vegan, a vegetarian, or someone who enjoys meat and dairy products, you’ll benefit hugely by increasing the percentage of plant-based foods in your diet.

"Let thy food be thy medicine."