the sweet meadow

We are a vegan cafe in the heart of Echuca, Victoria. 

We have created a beautiful space that we hope inspires people to live more of the sweet life, every day. 

It is through eating in alignment with nature and bringing people together to share food that we can all find the deeper sense of connection we yearn for. 


Living the Sweet Life - Sarah Bryant.

I've known Sarah for a long time - we first met when she was studying the same fashion design course as my older sister. I remember thinking she was one of the most fun, energetic people I'd ever met.

More than a decade (and five children) later, Sarah still has the same vivaciousness and zest for life as I remember all those years ago. Instead of fashion, she is channelling that creativity into floral design.

Recipe - Summertime Sadness Smoothie.

We created this special smoothie during one of the coldest weeks of winter. We'd just received some new merchandise from Unicorn Superfoods (we use their dragon fruit powder to add a pretty pink colour to some of our raw desserts instead of food colouring) and were keen to create a drink around their Tropicana superfood blend.

Living the Sweet Life - Kaye Poulton.

Welcome to our new blog series, Living the Sweet Life, which will showcase the workspace of someone we think is creative or inspiring.

We are fascinated by the spaces that creative people work in. These studios, sheds or rooms have evolved and grown as the maker's process and passion has developed. 

La Dolce Vita.

La Dolce Vita - Italian for "the sweet life." Whatever it is Italians call it, I'm into it. Loosely translated to mean a life that is full of pleasure and living to the fullest, to see it in person just head to southern Italy in August.