The Drawings

The first area of the business I worked on for The Sweet Meadow was the branding. That's right, even before I'd written the business plan or looked at the financials!

I teamed up with my good friend Sarina Coppola to create the logo, but also wanted to create a series of unique plant drawings that could be used across the website, packaging, signage, stationary and merchandise. I had been admiring the work of illustrator Ash Bewicke for a long time and knew she would be the best artist to bring my ideas to life. 

I contacted Ash soon after and asked her to draw seven plants. Choosing seven to feature was no coincidence – the number seven has a deep relevance for me personally. Seven symbolises spiritual perfection, we have seven chakras, there are Seven Wonders of the World, seven colours of the rainbow, and in many cultures it is regarded as a lucky number. In numerology, it also resonates with the concepts of independence, inner strength, peace, natural healing and spiritual awareness - all of which were very relevant for me at the time. 

The seven plants I wanted to feature were: 

Cherry Blossom - Cherry blossoms are in bloom for two weeks at most. It is a reminder that life is fleeting and time is precious. Its message is to enjoy the moment, celebrate its coming, and acknowledge its passing without sorrow. Fruit tree blossoms also reference my upbringing growing up on a stone fruit orchard. 

Dahlia - The dahlia signifies elegance and dignity. It is also a symbol of inner strength, creativity and standing strong in your sacred values. It is also my favourite flower!

Fig - In certain countries, fig trees are generally viewed as a symbol of prosperity. It also symbolises the health of the nation both spiritually and physically. It's also my favourite fruit. It is one of the key fruits that were abundant when I first began eating a plant-based diet, so they have always held a special significance for me. 

Green Zebra Tomato - One of the most beautiful, modern heirlooms now considered a classic, the green zebra tomato is unusual with a sweet flavour. The health benefits of tomatoes have been known since ancient times. Tomatoes are rich sources of antioxidants that have been proven to be effective against many forms of cancer. 

Peony - The peony is known as the king of flowers and symbolises love, beauty and affection. For the ancient Chinese culture, the peony is the ‘King of the Flower Kingdom’ and ‘Flower of Riches and Honour.’ It is often regarded as an omen of good fortune and also signifies healing, shyness and beauty.

Raspberry - these sweet berries are an excellent cleanser for toxins in the body, and are a superior female tonic. This pink fruit signifies gentleness and compassion. Thanks to freezers I get to enjoy these sweet babies all year round. 

Rose - The rose has been the emblem of love since the earliest times. The beautiful, shapely flower represents love and passion, whilst the thorns show that love is not always rose-tinted.

Keep an eye out for how these illustrations will feature in our merchandise. 

Written by Aishe Besim
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